Errors with codes

If you are using our quotation software (Estimateur Dimensions) on french Windows 10 computers, please take note of these steps.

Sometimes, Windows 10 doesn’t set English(Canada) as default language, but English (United States) instead. If you don’t correct this, you may get an error when you will create a new quote our software.

To resolve this issue, please follow theses quick steps:

1) Once Windows 10 is installed, go to the Start Menu, then to Settings.
2) Click on Time and Language, then Region and language (in the left pane).
3) In the right pane, select English (Canada). Some buttons will appear below. When they will appear, just click on Set as primary.

The error should not appear again and problem will be resolved.

Category: Errors with codes

This is a synchronization error in your quote file, witch makes de quote unusable. There is deux versions of this error:

1) You can’t get into your quote at all

If this is your case, you can start over a new quote if this is possible for your. Or you can contact our technical support by phone so they can connect remotly on your computer to fix it (this should take aound 15 minutes work time).

2) you can get into your quote, but can’t print

You probably have windows in your quote. There is two possible solutions to fix this:

  • Get into the 3D button, exit by saving all changes and try again.
  • If this is not working, get back into the 3D button,  unfasten your assembly, redo them and try again to print.

If one of these two methods doesn’t apply to you, please contact our technical support team by phone.

Category: Errors with codes

This error means that the quote that you are working on is already opened.

Possible solutions:

  • If your software are connected together, see with other users if there is someone in this quote and if so, ask him to get out of it.
  • You may have another instance of the Estimateur software open. Close it to resolve this issue.
  • The software may have crashed while you were working in this quote. The file may need correction of to be force closing. If this is the case, you should contact us by phone to get support
Category: Errors with codes

General use

  • Go in Dimensions software (on each computer with our software) and log in as usual.
  • Go in the Configuration section.
  • Click on Taxes.
  • With the Left and Right arrows, select the province that you need to change and click on the Modify button.
  • Change taxes that needs to be changed according to the province standards. The checkbox named “Surtaxe” is only used it provincial taxes are calculated over the federal taxes (rare case).
  • Click then on the Save button to save the changes and after on the Stop button to get out of this window. Click again Stop (exit) et get back to main menu.
Category: General use

To better assist you while using ou software, we are offering you a small documentation file with images included that you can download (and even print if you want to) below:

Category: General use