Dimensions Doors and Windows offer to his client a quoting and ordering software for free on your computers.

The Estimateur Dimensions is a software for creating quotes and creating orders to be sent by Internet or fax. When it’s installed, no other software will be installed on your computer, no data on your computer will be modified or retreived. The software never modifes or dammage any files of other softwares already present. Our software is also virus free, without any junk or spywares. Dimensions Doors and Windows will not modify the configuration of your antivirus. As this is not our responsibility, we will not be able to make changes if it ever interferes with the use of our software.

If you want to get our software, please follow the steps below. Please take note that nobody will be dispatched at your store. All install are done remotely, trought Internet.

If this is your first time with our software, please contact your Dimensions sales representative instead of filling out this form below. He will install it himself and give you a training on how tu use it. You can also download our quick user guide on our Extranet (for members only).

First, you need to fill and send your installation request to our technical support team (the form is located below theses instructions). Once your request received, we will send you a confirmation email sayig that we have received your request. You will then be contacted within the next 24 to 48 hours.

Are your eady to lauch the process? All you have to do is to fill and send this form.

Please be carefull with spelling mistakes, because your configuration will depend on what you are writting in this form. A mistake in a name will also be in the software.

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