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Estimateur installation (Network request)

    What is this?

    Dimensions Doors and Windows offers to their clients a network installation of their Estimateur software. This installation type centralizes all yours quotations in one place on the network so that they can be available from any computers. It also let people to use their own account from any computers witch have the software.


    First of all, you will need to make sure that all concerned computers are connected together on a network. You need to make sure that you have a network drive that point on the network and this, on all computers (your technical support should be able to do this for you). If you have this, we will be able to upgrade your standard installation to a network installation. For any question about how to do this, please contact your own technical support. This could not be done by us as we can't support your equipments.

    Next, you will need to build a list with all username and password so we can included them in this installation.

    Important note: If your installations are on terminals (Terminal Server), please do not fill this form. Instead, send your request to your technical support team and ask them to contact us by email at so we can communicate and work together for this...

    [b]IMPORTANTE NOTE:[/b] If you want to use our software to link other stores together (trough VPN network), please take note that we can't garantee stabily and speed of our software if all Internet links are not at least at 50 Mbits.

    Send your request

    Installs are done by Dimensions sales representative. By sending this form below, he will be able to setup eveyrthing in his schedule.

    Do you actually have a network drive already installed on selected computers? (required)

    Yes it’s already doneNo we can’t have thisIt will be done before network install
    Is there any Internet connection on these computers? (required)

    Is these computers are running on Windows or on terminals (Terminal server)? (required)

    Windows StationsTerminals