Interior door price increase notice as of May 17, 2021

Dear customer,

We would like to inform you that due to the current situation we have received several price increases from our suppliers which affect the interior door department from door panels to wood, hardware, ect.

Therefore, all interior door prices will be increased by 8% on orders received on or after May 17, 2021.

We are sorry to have to make this adjustment but it is necessary.

Thank you for your usual understanding.

Mathieu Audette
Vice-President Sales and Marketing


Dear customer,

We wish to advise you that given the current situation we have received several price increases from our major suppliers. These increases have greatly affected the steel, wood, aluminum and PVC sectors.

Some price increases are necessary to secure our raw material supply in these uncertain times.

For some suppliers, these increases could be temporary, which means that if prices were to fall, we would make an adjustment. If this is the case, we will inform you in due course.

These price increases will take effect on April 14, 2021 when the estimating software is updated. Promotional price lists will be sent to you shortly.

  • Promotional steel doors and special orders: 10 %
  • Complete range of windows: 4 %

Thank you for your usual understanding and know that we all want this situation to be temporary.

Mathieu Audette
Vice President Sales and Marketing


Dear Customer,

As you all know, sourcing raw materials is a headache right now despite the fact that we are doing relatively well thanks to our exceptional suppliers.

Our window component supplier has been waiting for several weeks for a container with “small fixed” aluminum frames for our hybrid windows. We have exhausted all our colors in stock for this item by painting them black in order to touch as few orders as possible. Until last week this container was supposed to arrive … but it should now arrive in early January.

This shortage of stock will not technically affect the orders to be produced in January / February but rather those for the next few days.

Our team will contact you if there is a need to offer you a large fixed frame or any other possible solution.

Thank you for your understanding.

Customer Service Manager

2021 Pricing Announcement

Dear clients,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and understanding that you have conveyed over the past year. Without you, Dimensions Windows and Doors would not be here today.

The year 2020 is coming to an end and has brought us all some formidable challenges. Fortunately, compared to other areas, our sector is full of activities and great projects are to come.

Although sales are good and the market does not appear to be slowing down, we have received several significant price increases from our suppliers.

Major investments have been made in our two factories in order to be able to increase or maintain our production capacity despite the lack of manpower which is now part of our reality.

We have also had to invest significantly in labor and machinery in order to continue to serve you well.

Among the challenges for 2021, new transport standards and mandatory electronic logbooks will be in effect on June 1st, several trucks, trailers and drivers will have to be added to our private transport fleet in order to maintain our unparalleled personalized delivery service.

All these costs that will be incurred from January 2021 leave us no other choice but to raise our prices in a fair manner, like all other manufacturers in our field, in order to be able to continue the constant progress of our company.

Here is an overview of the price increases that will be in effect from December 23th, 2020. All orders received between December 23rd and January 10th will include the new pricing.

– PVC and Hybrid windows 7%

– Aluminum windows 10%

– Steel doors (promotional) 7%

– Steel doors (special order) 7%

– Patio doors (promotional) 7%

– Patio doors (special order) 7%

– Jeldwen interior doors – price increase effective November 30th 2020

– Interior doors in MDF wood and veneered 6%

Despite all the challenges that 2020 has brought us, we are convinced that 2021 will be a very beautiful and happy year for our customers. We all owe it to ourselves to look ahead and be positive.

Thank you once again for your support and understanding.

Mathieu Audette
Vice-President Sales and Marketing

Delivery of standard white steel doors and windows, possible before the holidays!

Dear customer,

We would simply like to advise you that we are able to deliver white PVC or painted PVC windows (casement / sliding and sash) before December 22, 2020. Our current lead time depending on the region is 3 to 4 weeks.

We can also provide promotional single white steel doors within the same time frame.

It would be important to notify your sales clerks.

Thank you so much

Mathieu Audette
Vice-President Sales and Marketing